Front office  

Is valet parking still available?
I’m afraid you’ll have to park your own car nevertheless will make sure that this is as easy as possible and point you in the right direction.


Will you still take care of my luggage?
We wouldn’t expect you to carry your own bags so of course but will do so with team members wearing gloves and face masks 


How do I check in and keep a safe distance?
We will make you as welcome as ever to do so behind a plexi glass screen in order to protect you and our team members.


Do I have to wear a face mask in the hotel?
Absolutely not but you can do so if you want or just making a fashion statement.


What happens with my reservation if I cancel?
We will do everything possible to make sure that we take care of you if you can’t make use of your reservation and do our best to  find a solution for you but would also recommend that you put in place travel insurance


Can I still pay in cash?
Yes you can, nevertheless we would prefer card payments for our and your safety.



Will housekeeping clean my room during my stay?
Reception will ask you on arrival if you want your room cleaned on a daily basis during your stay. We Will make sure that none of your personal belongings attached and housekeeping will be working with gloves and masks at all time.


Will staff into my room when I’m present? 
No our staff will never come into your room in order to ensure your personal safety.


Food & Beverage

How will breakfast be served?
Our breakfast buffet will remain. Due to the situation you will have to wear a mask when you’re in the line, but as soon as you’re back at the table you’re able to take it off and enjoy your breakfast the fullest.


How will you ensure the 2 m distance rule?
If we can’t keep a safe distance of 2 m our staff will wear masks to keep you safe 


Can we still have dinner in the restaurant?
We have a very spacious restaurant and can ensure that every table will be at least 2 m apart from each other. Staff will also be wearing face masks where necessary. The restaurant will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but dinner will be available at The Axe bar. Our team is also very happy to help with a reservation elsewhere. 


Where can we have lunch?
The axe bar will serve lunch for limited numbers.  Room service will also be available.



Can we use the SPA as usual?
A spot of 1.5h has to be reserved in advance or by check-in. Please let us know if we can assist you.


Can I still book a treatment?
Yes you can all of our therapists will wear a mask and one will provided to you


Can I still use the pool?
The pool will be available for our guests. You’ll need to reserve your time to take a dip.


Can i still use the sauna and steam room?
Yes but the same rules will apply about limiting numbers.


Can I still visit your SPA as an external guest?
If you would like to book a treatment you are very welcome. Nevertheless the SPA area will only be available for our house guests until further notice.

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