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Master of Cheese

MOC Willi Schmid Käsekeller (Groß)

The Story.




The Program.
— 19.08.23


Master of Cheese tells the story of the world's best cheesemaker who makes his cheese in a dairy the size of a living room. He knows every cow by name, every plant in his valley and produces cheese with pure intuition. His innate talents and boundless work ethic have allowed him to produce outstanding cheese in demand across the globe.

Master of Cheese highlights a powerful model of artisanship and sustainable food production. Willi Schmid dared to listen to Mother Nature’s call and was willing to do the work it takes to master a craft. A touching life story, inspiring and educational, this film is about honest food for the plate that can inspire the world for the urgent change we need.



Special guests

  • Willi Schmid; Master of Cheese
  • Myriam Zumbühl; Producer & Co-Director
  • Mani Schmid; Cheese specialist from Adelboden
  • Ginette Pernet; Owner of Frutigbier, Brewer & Beer Sommelière



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